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ChunLun <3

 Hey all! I've been searching for somebody to do a c-pop slash roleplay with. I figured that the best place to look for that would be on this comm.

((For those of you who don't know what roleplaying is, it's basically writing a fan-fiction back and forth where one writer controls one character and the other writer controls the opposite character. If anybody would like a more detailed explanation I would be happy to provide that.))

Pretty much I want to write for Show Luo. He can be paired with anybody as long as it's slash! So just let me know who you're interested in playing :) Show/Xiao Gui would be an amazing pair to role-play, but again I'm okay with any pairing, really.

As for my roleplaying preferences: I like to brainstorm a general idea/starting point before I start a role-play. After that point "going with the flow" works for me. I don’t like planning the roleplay’s events out ahead of time in GREAT detail as it ruins the suspense. I like drama, action, humor and romance in a roleplay. Darkness and angst is great, too. I only do "mature" role-plays. Also, I appreciate longer replies because I like description, especially description of the characters thoughts and emotions. Absolutely no one-liners allowed, sorry D: And finally: I do not roleplay over instant messengers, only e-mail, private comms and privat messaging systems without character limits. I like to take my time with writing replies!

So that's it. If you're interested either comment here or shoot me a private message. Thanks!

((Mods: I hope this is okay to post! If not, feel free to take it down.))

Jan. 19th, 2011

 Hi please check out my LJ@[info]japanese_queen  for Asian Drama DVDS, Japanese and Taiwanese magazines, Jpop music scores, KTV and music CDS, Cute and Designer clothing and bags! :D
Need quick sales so cheap prices



gl_a_day is a new comm posting an rpfs pic/video daily.
join or watch for your daily dose of girl-on-girl ♥

Angela Baby, Kitty!Janice and I would like to thank you for your time ^.~

Hey everyone,
I'm selling some old items
including some Fahrenheit items.

ToGetHer Complete series DVD £12 (about $22)

Zhong Ji Yi Jia- X Family OST CD £7 (about $12)

S.H.E Concert 2006 CD £7 (about $12)

Reaching for the Stars - S.H.E DVD complete series £10 (about $18)

18 Jin Bu Jin DVD complete series £12 (about $22)


PLAY - HOT SHOT   Aug 08 Wu zun magazine £5 (about $8.50)

Teenage- SHOW cover and interview in ENGLISH Mar 07 £5 (about $8.50)

Make an offer^^

If you would like to buy any or state a price or have an issues please reply or more preferably
email me at beckysdustbunnies@hotmail.com

RELEASE DATE 2009-07-17



INCLUSIVE: CD+photobook

BUY IT: Yesasia

Ariel Lin First Album (Limited Edition)

01. Lei Guan Yu /淚光雨
02. Ying Huo Chong /螢火蟲
03. Come To Me
04. Yi Kao /依靠
05. Ni De Wei Dao /你的味道
06. Jie Jing Wu Xian De Lan /接近無限的藍
07. Er Zuo Ju /惡作劇
08. Tian Mi Hua Yuan /甜蜜花園
09. Mian Bao De Zi Wei /麵包的滋味
10. Love /愛


Taiwan's popular actress Ariel Lin is best known for her hit dramas, such as Tokyo Juliet, True Love, Secret Garden, It Started with a Kiss, and They Kiss Again (for which she won a Golden Bell Best Actress Award). She sang the end theme "The Lonely Northern Hemisphere" for the 2004 idol drama Love Contract to great reception, and has sung several TV drama, movie, and online game theme songs since. In 2009, Ariel is finally making her formal debut as a singer with her first album "Blissful Encounter". She even penned the lyrics to the first plug "Sweet Garden", which is designated the commercial theme song for a Taiwan soft drink brand.The Limited Edition comes with a 36-page Ariel photobook.

self made asian celebration compilation

hi di ho

well on my LJ i put up an Asian Music collection, I called it celebation mix
mostly contains dance and up beat songs
it is asian, that means that there is also korean and japanese music on, but
mostly one can find madarin chinese music

so in case someone is interested, just download, and maybe u get to know more music...
these are my current fav songs, so~^^
and yea...comments always appreciated, and even more in case of downloading

thanks isa ^^

01. DNA -BY2 (Mandarin)
02. Next Level-Ayumi Hamasaki (Japanese)
03. Trauma - Ayumi Hamasaki
04. Sweet Impact - BoA (Japanese)
05. Did Ya - BoA (English)
06. Not To Trendy Not To Spens Money - JJ Lin (Mandarin)
07. Happy Workshipping - Angela Zhang ft. Wilber Pan (Mandarin)
08. Celebration - Rainie Yang (Mandarin)
09. U - Super Junior M (Mandarin)
10. CRAZY LOVE -TVXQ (Korean)
11. Fire - 2NE1 (Korean)
12. Looking Upon The Sky- Landy Wen (Mandarin)
13. The Slowly The More Bautiful - Jolin Tsai (Mandarin)
14. Good Skills - Alan Luo (Mandarin)
15. Mizerable - Gackt (Japanese)
16. Nobody - Wonder Girls (Korean)
17. Gee - Girls' Generation (Korean)
18. Get You Butt Off The Seat - BY2 (Mandarin)



Wu Chun


Hey i'm selling some of Asian Items INCLUDING FAHRENHEIT, S.H.E AND MORE.



Brand new and sealed. Authentic, not parallel import. Song list is:
1. 一支獨秀
2. 當我們宅一塊
3. 我不會唱歌
4. 敗給你
5. 愛情三不部曲
6. 做得到
7. 蝴蝶秀
8. 操盤手
9. 防盜鎖
10. 最後的風度
11. 我秀故我在

All prices include normal postage. Discounts ok for >1 item bought. No Swaps Please. Email lilac_113@yahoo.co.uk for enquiries.