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~ Chinese Pop Music Slash Community ~

Chinese Pop Music Slash
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to cpop_slash - this is a community for slash fanworks involving Chinese musicians, actors etc (so really we're not limited to Cpop alone ^^) Discussion, fanfiction, fanart, icons and whatever else you can think of.

Your Mods: sasword and clanger_on_acid


1. No flaming, couple bashing etc. Please try to respect other people's preferances even if you don't share them.

2. Crossovers are welcome; As long as at least one member of the HK/Chinese/Taiwanese entertainment industry is involved - feel free to pair them with Korea, Japanese etc artists. Mod wants more KangWu!

3. Other types of fanfiction/Fanart etc that are welcome include: Femslash, OOC, AU, Non-con, and use of OC characters.

4. The following are not welcome in this community: Shota (and massively underaged works.) beastiality, extreme fetishes (S&M/B&D being the exceptions.)

5. Please put all fanfictions, fanarts and icons (with 3 teasers allowed.) under an lj cut.